Hey I'm Makeda!

Feel right at home, especially if you’re a  new entrepreneur.  I’m a Social Media Manager helping you to kick butt with your content on your Facebook and Instagram platforms.  Stay for a bit, have a look around.


Social Step Up

Δ Ready to focus on your clients only
Δ Ready to outsource your social media
Δ Ready to free up your time

Social Check Up

Δ Ready for your check up
Δ Ready to read your analytics
Δ Ready to make changes now

Social Pop Up

Δ Ready to decrease your to-do list
Δ Ready to get your one time tasks done
Δ Ready to hire temporary help


Makeda does my social media scheduling! She pulls quotes and content from my blog posts, or creates the content when I don’t have a blog posts to share.  It’s so nice to have this portion of my business on auto-pilot with Makeda since I often don’t have time to review the content she shares.

Lauren Black

Brand Designer, Legacy Loft


does your instagram post have these three things

before i get started i wanna say, new year new me.  i wanna blog on my own terms.  i wanna use the word wanna or y'all.  i also wanna not use capital letters.  this is not the place for me to be official.  i would just like to be comfortable on my own website - is...
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can i really book clients on instagram

Many new entrepreneurs doubt they can really book clients on their social media platforms.  I'm here to say yes, it happens, and I've got the receipts to prove it.  There's a recipe though that you should follow in order to attract your ideal client on Instagram.  It...
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How Do I Know Which Social Media Platform Is Best For My Business?

As entrepreneurs, especially when you're newer in the game, you wanna be everywhere at once.  On Facebook. On Instagram.  On Twitter.  Let's not forget Snapchat and Pinterest.  What we fail to realize is that we can't be in #alltheplaces.  It just doesn't work that...
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Social Media Manager for new entrepreneurs who are ready to create a curated Facebook or Instagram feed.



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